Now offering consultations!

What are they?

About one hour video calls to discuss an area of interest, work towards getting a skill, or optimize your movement patterns.

What kinds of calls do you do?

  1. Educational discussion
    • A discussion on a topic of interest such as:
      • Proper core engagement and progressions
      • Basics of workout design and prescription
      • General injury prevention
      • Any other topic of interest
    • You would receive brief notes after the session on the things we discussed
  2. Skill optimization
    • A session to break down a desired skill, discussing progressions, proper form, and skill requirements to help you achieve the skill you have been working toward
      • Handstands
      • Pull ups
      • Muscle ups
      • Any other skill of interest
    • You would receive notes after the session on the things we discussed with videos of progressions for the skill
  3. Movement screen
    • A two part movement analysis of a particular area (e.g. shoulder, hip, back, etc.) too optimize movement of that area to improve performance.
      • Part 1: Movement Screen
        • Depending on the area, I will send you videos of certain movements for you to replicate and send back.
        • You would also send 1-2 skills or movements you would like to optimize and 2-3 goals for the session
      • Part 2: Video Call
        • A one hour video call discussing the results of the movement screen and going over exercises to optimize your movement and improve performance on the skill/movement(s) you want to improve
        • You would receive a list of exercises with reps and sets, videos of the exercises, and brief notes on the results of the movement screen.


Who is eligible?

This is not skilled physical therapy.  If you have significant pain or pain with daily movements, seek care from a medical provider.  If you have an old injury that you have had care for and just have a few motions that you want to improve or modifications that need to be made, we can discuss if you are appropriate on an individual basis.

What is your current pricing?

*Prices updated 7/2020*

  1. Educational discussion – $60 USD
  2. Skill optimization – $60 USD
  3. Movement screen – $95 USD

Want to work with me?

Email me at paradigmofperfection@gmail.com or fill out the form below for more information or to schedule a consult call.


Salmon Ladder & Squat Rack Plans

Take your home/garage gym to the next level with a squat rack and salmon ladder combo!  These plans include steps to build your own squat rack and salmon ladder which includes an olympic lifting platform and safety bars for the squat rack.


Current pricing: $30 USD (*updated 7/2020*)

Please email or fill out the contact form below to purchase.  Put “Salmon Ladder/Squat Rack Plans Purchase” in subject of email/comment.



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